Sanitary Permit Information System

Product Features:

Maintains reference data on all types of forms.

Automatic and accurate computation of fees and taxes.

Capable of generating certification of the permits.

Maintains reference files of all the applications.

Product Overview

The Sanitary Permit Information System (SPIS) is one of the administrative applications of the Local Government Information System (LGIS). This covers a permit issued by the local health authority for an establishment to operate, be it food or non - food establishment. Any business should have their sanitary permit before operating. Excerpt from P.D. 856 "No person or entity shall operate an establishment for public patronage without securing a permit from the local health office.

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Sanitary Permit Information System

This system consists the following main forms: Sanitary permit, Exhumation Permit, Transfer Permit and Medical Certificate.

Main Menu

SPIS Switcher

This is the main menu of the SPIS. The Sanitary permit, exhumation certificate and medical certificate released certificates and permits. The transfer certificate process certificate transfer.