Legislative Tracking System

Product Features:

Maintains reference data on all types of forms.

Automatic and accurate computation of fees and taxes.

Capable of generating certification of the permits.

Maintains reference files of all the applications.

Product Overview

In pursuit of the local government to have fast-tracking tools and exchange of information, a database of all legislative works must be contain in a system which shall also provide an inter-agency and intra-agency routing and tracking of documents. This shall serve not only in the information exchange of the government as a whole but can be utilize by constituency of this government and all other concerned users.

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Legislative Tracking System

This should maintain information, and must have a collaboration tool that allows user to work together in tracking and managing document. This must also have a fast and accurate searching capability.

Main Menu

LTS Switcher

This is the main menu of the LTS. The Legislative Tracking System menu is where the tracking of documents take place from one department to another. The admin menu is for the authorized person who will manage the users of the system. Referentials are for customizable choices within the sytem. Report generates daily, monthly and yearly report.