Innovation & Versatility

Our teams operates with enthusiasm and flexibility. We are client-oriented, making us reliable partner for IT Services and solutions.

Who we are

iVERSA IT Solutions is established to provide versatile system integration that focuses from software development up to variety of professional IT Related services.

What we do

iVERSA IT Solutions provides system software, helpdesk and consultancy services. We support and sell the breadth of IT hardware and software and offer maintenance contracts.

Our Mission

To enhance business operation of its clients in the field of IT Services and Consultancy with maximum efforts driven towards customer satisfaction by developing and implementing premium IT products and services.

How we do it?

Our Process


Planning & Analysis

Meeting will be held between the project manager and client to determine the flow of the system. The client will provide the end-user requirements, their expectations of the system and how it will perform.



The project manager and developers will discuss the system design which is basically the structure of the system. The components, functions and how the system will look like is determined.


Coding & Testing

The developers starts the actual coding of the system based on the design. After the system is developed, the system is tested to see if it's functioning properly and free of errors and bugs.



The system is deployed and installed in the client's premises, ready to be used. After deployment, adjustment are needed for the system because of its new environment.

Our Projects

Business Permit Licensing System

Payroll and Personnel Management Information System

Tricycle Operator Permit Information System

Electrical Permit Information System

Sanitary Permit Information System

Legislative Tracking System

What we Do?

We love what we do!


Having the right application that is tailor-suited for your company is the vital part of successful business. We will end-to-end test, install, implement it to your office once the software is done.

Quality Code

Our team consists of highly qualified programmer that delivers clean and fast code. Our programmers write a well-structured code that is stable and easier to maintain.

Web Development

iVersa designs and develops dynamic and responsive web sites. iVersa Web Development Services offers a variety of services to develop, manage and better maintain web material.


Our team developed a user-friendly system that will provide a good user experience. The system will be easy to install, easy to use and easy to understand. In order to ensure a user-friendly system, we often thoroughly test our system before deploying them to the client.


We have special expertise in custom software development - providing the application that is suited for the client's need. We gain competitive advantage from these distinctive capabilities and have developed the ability to implement and manage complex IT Systems with effectiveness.

24/7 Support

iVERSA supports and maintains PC Desktops and peripherals, multiple platform system that complement your needed services by providing onsite support for a wide-range IT demands related to disaster recovery, network failures, anti-virus, and workstation errors.

Clients Say

Their service is great and the people are very kind and easy to approach.

Sta. Maria

They work fast and reliable when it comes to adjustments and changes in the system.


IT Services and Consultancy

The art of our managed services provides an extensible of services that fit the needs of any private or public organization by transforming strategic approaches to technology, combining innovative solutions with established ones.