Business Permit and Licensing System

Product Features:

Maintains reference data on all types of fees and taxes.

Automatic and accurate computation of fees and taxes.

Computes for penalties and arrears automatically.

Product Overview

The Business Permit and Licensing System is one of the income-generating applications of the Local Government Information System (LGIS). This covers the processing of application for business permits from assessment through the generation of the Mayor's Permit.

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Business Permit and Licensing System

The Business Permit and Licensing System maintains data on business permit-related transactions from application of new business, renewal of business permit and closure of business establishments to releasing of Mayors Permit.

Main Menu

BPLS Switcher

This is the main menu of the BPLS. The BPLS menu is where the main transaction takes place such as assessment, mayor's permit and printing. The admin menu is for the authorized person who will manage the users of the system. Referentials are for customizable choices within the sytem. Report generates daily, monthly and yearly report.